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10 Easy-to-Keep Resolutions for Teachers

It’s the perfect time of year to refresh the outlook on balancing school-life and home-life while maintaining a semblance of sanity.

By Lani Aquino

Whether it’s a new calendar year or a new school year, starting out with a resolution or two to refresh the mind/body and home/work balance can do wonders. As with any resolution, the key is not going too grandiose and realizing on day (or hour) one that the lofty ideal isn’t feasible when it comes to practicality. With this list of 10 resolutions, there’s sure to be one or two or even ten that could easily make their way into circulation for the New Year.

  1. I will leave it at the office. Meaning I’ll be realistic about the size of the teacher bag I tote home each night. Some things just won’t get done, and there’s no point adding a trip to the doctor for lumbar disc issues to the mix from carrying everything but the proverbial classroom sink home every day.
  2. I will splurge on me. Teachers are notorious for spending their extra dollars on their classrooms and students. Take a little of those carefully saved funds and get or do something completely non-school related.
  3. I will eat healthier. This doesn’t have to translate to the latest healthy eating bandwagon, but it may mean not scarfing down a lunch without realizing what was eaten while working with students and/or working on lesson plans.
  4. I will give DIY a try. Some of those splurge on me dollars can be saved by doing some DIY projects to freshen up the learning space rather than full ticket purchases. Find an upcycle and/or repurpose project and enliven the classroom. This can be completed with or without student assistance.
  5. I will put on a happy testing-season face. This one can be tricky, but if it can be achieved, the results can be contagious. By entering testing season with a positive attitude as opposed to a ball and chain dragging outlook of dread, students and teachers can sense the stressors ebbing.
  6. I will look for the positives in all of my students (and colleagues). Dealing with reluctant and/or disruptive students (and colleagues) can be overwhelming, but taking the time to look at each person encountered through a new lens that pinpoints the positives can be a game changer for both parties. Sharing those positive attribute revelations can also be a great relationship builder.
  7. I will learn to delegate. Teachers can easily get overwhelmed when they feel like they have to do it all themselves. There’s no harm in releasing the reigns on some prep and/or logistics. Parents volunteers, students helpers, and/or other support staff can be amazing resources to lessen the load.
  8. I will try a new strategy/method. There are so many great ideas out there whether they’re research-based concepts like PBL or blended learning or simply an engaging activity posted on Pinterest. Choose something that fits your content and comfort level.
  9. I will let it go. Teachers are renowned hoarders. They come by it rightfully due to the amount of personal funds spent on materials that could possibly be needed at some other juncture during their careers. It’s probably a safe bet that the overhead projector supplies and some other outdated resources could be purged or repurposed (see Resolution #4).
  10. I will give myself a break. Yes, those super hero capes are hanging in every teachers’ closet, but everyone has their kryptonite point. There is lots to be done, but if it doesn’t always get done or get done in the exact way of original intent, that is just fine. Remove perfection from the equation and breathe a little easier.

Resolutions are there to remind us of the importance of realigning and looking at the big picture. With the new calendar year, teachers are faced with a perfect point for taking a step back and making some minor adjustments to ensure the second half of the year is met with a renewed fervor. Whether it’s the application of all ten, just one, or merely mentally checking in on the resolutions shared, taking the time to reflect is a great way to kick off a Happy New Year!

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