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10 Ideas to Help Teachers Refresh This Summer

These are 10 quality ways to enjoy the spoils of summer while still keeping the upcoming school year fresh.

Teachers always have a bit of teacher mode going, even in the summer months. They can be spotted offering direction and advice to kids that aren’t their own, shopping competitively at sales, and brushing up on new trends and ideas through an educational lens. While summer is a time to rejuvenate, students and the classroom are never far from the forefront. As teachers traverse the much needed summer respite, these are 10 ways to incorporate thoughts and plans for the classroom into everyday life.

  1. Seek out educational resources or inspiration- Whether on vacation or exploring in your own community, finding some resources to share in the classroom or even an inspirational picture or signage is a great way to add some excitement and zing to the upcoming start of school.
  2. Follow a #- There is so much information out there to help teachers find their stride or tackle a new concept. Adding a new hashtag or two to the social media repertoire and gathering some new ideas while catching up with other interests is a perfect summer pastime.
  3. Catch up on the latest kid reads- Many young adult titles become the favorites of those in any age group, but adding a few new releases to the summer reading queue is a great way to readily make connections and/or recommendations when meeting incoming students.
  4. Tackle a DIY project- Maybe it’s a flexible seating option or a creative center or a storage idea. Whatever the physical need in the classroom may be, summer is a perfect opportunity to find a little time to get crafting and creating.
  5. Master the art of meal planning- Even if something is touted as time-saving, finding the time to master it can be tricky during the hectic school year. Summer offers a perfect window to experiment with recipes and/or try out plans or gadgets that can make all the difference in creating healthy meals on busy school days.
  6. Join a social media group- For those thinking of tackling something new this upcoming school year, summer is the perfect time for joining a group that chats and posts about the topic. Whether it’s switching to a gradeless classroom or implementing personalized learning or incorporating virtual reality, adding it to a social media feed is a great way to hear about the topic from others in the trenches and find a personal starting point.
  7. Collect materials- Garage and rummage sales, discount bins, personal purging and organizing, etc. are all easy ways to repurpose some inexpensive and/or gently used items. These could become a part of a new learning station or a DIY transformation that impacts the classroom at summer’s end.
  8. Find a podcast- Podcasts are great resources for finding fresh ideas and discovering new strategies to implement. Summer offers a chance to discover a new inspiration or binge on episodes of a known favorite.
  9. Try out a fitness routine- The sheer exhaustion of the school year can leave teachers without the energy to dive into a fitness routine. By establishing or re-establishing something in the summer months, it will be easier to transition back into the school year and maintain some healthy habits. The mind/body connection is a powerful one that affects performance for students and teachers.
  10. Dabble with new technology- There are lots of apps and programs that can be greatly beneficial to the learning process and the management of it. For those that can be explored on a device, summer is a great time to play around with all the bells and whistles.

Summer is about enjoying some well-deserved time off for students and teachers. While some may prefer to leave all thoughts of the classroom on the backburner until August, there are lots of ways to come up with some fresh ideas and resources without having school take over every waking moment of break. With these 10 ideas for staying fresh, teachers can choose one or two or all ten to add some personal and professional growth to the summer months.

If you enjoyed the thoughts and ideas shared here, check out the trainings and tools (for teachers and for families) that we offer.

If you enjoyed the thoughts and ideas shared here, check out the trainings and tools (for teachers and for families) that we offer.

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