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10 STEM Stocking Stuffers

Awaken more than a sweet tooth by adding some educational treats to kids’ stockings this year.

By Lani Aquino

Wish lists are on the minds of kids this time of year, and the filling of them is a big part of the holiday season for any parent. While some kids may have lists on the long and extravagant side, others may be short or non-existent. Finding that seasonal balance of magical excitement and practicality can be tricky.

Oftentimes, stockings are lacking in the practicality department. An assortment of sugary treats mixed with a few silly surprises that simply add to an overabundance of trinkets and holiday baubles. Stockings will put a smile on the faces of both kids and parents when an item or two are of the educational variety. Among these 10 STEM finds are some items that will bring holiday cheer to kids of all ages.

  1. Dinosaur Skeleton Puzzles- These STEM archeology kits come in assorted styles and allow kids to hone their spatial thinking and hands-on skills. Each dinosaur glows in the dark and comes with a stand for displaying upon completion.
  2. WikkiStix- Kids can spend hours creating with these reusable crafting sticks. A fun design tool found in many makerspaces, these wax builders are a no frills and no mess way to get kids making 3D shapes and models.
  3. Sakibo STEM Building Sets- Young builders can construct a truck, plane, snowmobile, and more with these sturdy building kits. Great kits for helping kids with their fine-motor building skills.
  4. Strategy Game Bundle- These IQ puzzles comes as a 6-piece set, but they could easily be divvied up among several stockings. Puzzle balls, a twist cube, and a metal brain teaser will allow kids of all ages to test their problem solving skills and enjoy a hands-on challenge.
  5. Laser Pegs Building Sets- Shine a light on building with these brick sets that include some lighted blocks to add a new element to building and play. Helicopters, robots, animals, and more can offer some illuminating fun, and the bricks are compatible with other brands including LEGO.
  6. Kanoodle- Brain Twisting Solitaire Game- Kanoodle is an award winning game that develops problem solving and spatial thinking skills. This logical thinking puzzles offers hundreds of combinations but only one correct answer for each challenge. Kids place the pieces shown, and then have to determine where the rest of the pieces go to complete the puzzle.
  7. 7TECH Model Building Blocks- This 233-piece set comes with lots of building parts and the tools of construction. There are 4 design ideas included, but kids can easily let their imaginations take over as they tinker and create their own endless possibilities.
  8. Kiwi Crate Subscription- Give a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year. Kiwi Crate offers a variety of hands-on subscription packages for the choosing. From infant to adult, there is a hands-on science or art project waiting to be discovered.
  9. Qurious Space- A STEM flashcard game kit that is perfect for lovers of space and/or families looking to add something out of this world to their game repertoires. Kids can explore, match, spin, and quiz their way through the universe. The double-sided cards offer a variety of ways to play and lots of great information.
  10. Speed Cubes- Go old-school with this set of three Rubiks cubes. With a 2x2 cube, a 3x3 cube, and a 3x3 pyramid, kids at a variety of levels can enjoy these logical thinking exercisers. Problem solving and dexterity are put to the test as kids restore the cubes to their original design patterns.

Education meets seasonal whimsy with these 10 STEM stocking stuffer ideas. When learning and fun go hand-in-hand, both kids and parents win. Kids can hone a variety of spatial, logical, and problem solving skills while engaging in hands-on and creative play.

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