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Redefining AAA after a Dynamic First Decade

Marking our 10th year of supporting quality education in the classroom and beyond.

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Upon entering our 10th year in the field of education, AAA has gone through a lot of growth and changes. While some faces, services, and products may have changed, one thing has and always will remain the same, the commitment to quality instruction and providing the best learning environment for students, teachers, and all other educational stakeholders. Our core cyclical concept of aligning, assessing, and achieving for optimal learning outcomes has driven our vision since day one and will continue to be the driving force behind all our endeavors.

Professional Development Services

In the beginning, AAA was an innovative professional development company offering trainings in the areas of formative assessment, sound grading practices, and assessment design. Our team of seasoned educators have traveled the nation sharing AAA’s strategies and tools for incorporating these concepts into the classroom. Our work with educational stakeholders brings these concepts to life, and attendees can put ideas and strategies into practice immediately following a training. Time spent with AAA professionals is time invested in enhancing the learning environment for all students.

Over time, our services and products have expanded to meet the needs of the ever-changing field of education. In addition to the professional development services that were first available, new trainings have been developed to offer even more opportunities for staff development.

Whether a district is diving into something new or refining a tried-and-true concept, AAA’s team of experienced trainers brings a meaningful professional development experience to all attendees.

Product Collections

With the concepts of aligning to standards, assessing student understanding, and achieving student growth through valuable feedback and differentiated instruction driving the training realm, the AAA team found a need for the development of tools and products to assist in these endeavors. Over the years, we have created books for standards clarification at the state and national (CCSS) levels. Our work with early elementary educators also brought about the development of a pre-K and early elementary series of tools. These materials have been adapted for English Language Learners and translated and modified for use in other countries giving AAA a global scope.

  • Pre-K Achievement Rings offer parents the opportunity to work with young learners at home in preparedness for entering kindergarten. Available with alignment to Common Core or Early Learning and Development standards.
  • K-2 Achievement Rings are centered around math and literacy standards. The rings offer parents a way to reinforce classroom content and skills and help students visualize learning goals and targets.
  • The Common Core Clarification Series unpacks the standards and scaffolds the road to achievement. With availability in all levels K-12, the flipbook series for ELA, Math, and Social Studies, Science, & Technical Subjects have proven to be invaluable tools for educators.

What started as a company to fill a need in the professional development arena has evolved into a professional development leader and product developer/provider. The AAA vision has always kept the focus on quality instruction. We stay up-to-date and invested in the education community with our blogs for educators and parents. By continuing to offer informative and innovative professional development trainings and high-quality products, AAA looks forward to the next decade of growth and development in the field of education.

If you enjoyed the thoughts and ideas shared here, check out the trainings and tools (for teachers and for families) that we offer.

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