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Student Learning Objectives: Everything Old is New Again

Student Learning Objectives are really nothing new.

A recent announcement from the Ohio Department of Education, concerning Student Learning Objectives, or SLOs and their role in the evaluation of teacher effectiveness has caused me to pause and reflect on a basic truth of life; “everything old is new again”.

I recall with a degree of fondness the simple, idyllic days of college as I trained to become a teacher. I spent more than a few nights creating lesson plans with measurable learning objectives for all of my planned instruction. As I began my career as a teacher, I found the demands and expectations of my career slowly moved me away from writing learning objectives. Enduring Understandings, essential questions and learning targets allowed me to hone my instructional practices as new standards and high stakes assessments grabbed the spot light. However, it now appears that the skills learned early in my teacher education may still serve me well.

Student Learning Objectives are really nothing new. They will allow teachers to identify a few areas of importance and create clear and measurable objectives or SLOs. SLOs will allow teachers to measure and monitor student growth during the year and in doing so demonstrate their impact on student growth as required by the new teacher evaluation system.

“Everything old is new again,” so contact our office for more information and let’s put a new shine on some of our old skills together. Contact our office to find out about SLO trainings!

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