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Common Core,

Three Cheers for The Common Core

For his first post, Mark Kevesdy shares some of the reasons he is excited about the new Common Core standards. Mark's got some great ideas for implementing the Core & analyzing your data, so stay tuned!

Yes, with some trepidation we anticipate the implementation of The Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Some school districts have already begun the process K-2 to implement the core standards. Others will soon follow as 46 states have now adopted these standards.

So why three cheers you ask? This effort required incredible amount of feedback to put into focus what students K-12 really need to learn, to be ready for college and for their lifelong career.

Cheer number one is for the collaborative effort between the states to unite and build upon the best of state work from high performing states, from all over the country. The vast majority of states contributed ideas and feedback to create the common core. Pulling it all together is an amazing accomplishment and a tribute to America’s desire to have its students remain competitive well into the 21st century.

Cheer number two is for the focus of the Common Core. The standards embody a determined effort to have students learn in-depth and to apply critical standards throughout the curriculum. This renewed focus and clarity will help students have sufficient time to develop deeper understandings. It will allow teachers time to use more formative assessments to gauge student learning and make informed decisions that will foster better instruction.

Cheer number three is for the solid evidence that teachers and students will be able to produce to demonstrate mastery of learning and for real college and career preparedness. The number of remediation courses at the college level will decline as more and more students are better prepared to handle the demands and rigors of college courses. The Common Core embodies the spirit of American Education. That spirit is that all children in America have the right and privilege to have all the tools necessary to continue their education into their adult lives and continue to be productive throughout their chosen career.

Hip, Hip, Hooray for The Common Core State Standards!!!

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