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Educator of the Month,

Educator of the Month Contest – Looking for the Best

Do you know an outstanding educator? Read on to see how you can help them get the recognition they deserve!

Educators are some of our all-time favorite people! That's why we've decided to recognize those special ones - you know who they are - who go above the fray and beyond the norm every single day to help students, families, and colleagues shine.

Each month, we'll accept emailed nominations for Align, Assess, Achieve's Educator of the Month Award; we'll announce the winning educator via our Facebook page. At the end of each year, we'll review all of that year's monthly winners, and will pick one very special person to receive our "Educator of the Year" award!

So who are these educators?

  • Any Pre-K through 12th grade teacher or administrator working this school year is eligible to win.
  • We're looking for people with great passion for what they do, who go out of their way to connect with students and families or to help a colleague in need. You know the kind of folks we're talking about - they're a bit hard to describe, as each one comes with his/her own special talents and abilities, but you definitely know them when you encounter them (and you sure feel lucky when you do).

How can I nominate one?

  • Students, students' families, and colleagues of educators are encouraged to submit nominations.
  • Just click the "Nominate an educator" link below and send us a short paragraph explaining why you believe this educator should win Educator of the Month.
  • Be sure to include his/her name and school district along with your submission.
  • The nomination period is from the first through the last day of each month.
  • As amazing as you are, nominations have to be for someone else, not yourself.

And the winners?

  • Be sure to like us on Facebook. We'll announce each month's winner in the first week of the month following your nomination.
  • The "Educator of the Year" award will be announced in the first week of January, 2015.
  • Winners will be announced on our Facebook page and the Educator of the Year winner will receive a personalized trophy, recognizing their excellence.

Anything else?

Yes - what are you doing reading this!? Show your favorite educator how much they mean to you - you have a fantastic nomination to write for October!


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