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25 Reasons to Thank a Teacher

These 25 reasons to thank a teacher don’t even scratch the surface when it comes to all the amazing things they do for others on a daily basis.

By Lani Aquino

Teacher Appreciation Week is upon us, and it’s a perfect time to reflect on the countless reasons to thank a teacher. The popular meme stating, If you can read this, thank a teacher. is merely one item to check off on an innumerable list that highlights the impacts teachers make every single day. Here are 25 more that barely scratch the surface in showing the whirlwind of daily endeavors that make us owe teachers our utmost appreciation.

Thank you for tirelessly tying all those shoes and buttoning up those overcoats.

Thank you for your continued pursuits in professional development to ensure students are exposed to the most up-to-date and innovative strategies and methods.

Thank you for packing extra lunches on field trip days, just in case someone else forgot to do so.

Thank you for bringing an excitement and energy to the subject(s) you teach.

Thank you for remembering birthdays and other “big deals” that show you really have a vested interest in making connections.

Thank you for writing yet another club, award, or college recommendation letter.

Thank you for keeping parents in the loop of what’s occurring in the classroom.

Thank you for the reminders, all the time, for everything.

Thank you for always knowing the best books for every interest and ability level.

Thank you for giving up your lunch time, planning time, and before/after school time to work with students.

Thank you for coming back to work after putting in a full day to show your support for students in their extra-curricular activities.

Thank you for never giving up even when it seems like everyone else has.

Thank you for uncovering hidden talents and interests and seeing qualities and strengths that others may not see on their own.

Thank you for the constructive feedback that leads to improvements.

Thank you for creating a learning environment where curiosity and resilience are valued.

Thank you for having an endless supply of understanding and patience.

Thank you for repeatedly completing all the paperwork, the loads and loads and loads of paperwork.

Thank you for seeking out new ways to teach ideas and concepts to ensure that everyone understands them.

Thank you for making sure the supply bins are never empty even when the budget to fill them has run dry.

Thank you for not always answering the questions, but encouraging students to find the answers themselves.

Thank you for being a positive role model in a day and age when so many negative ones seem to get top billing.

Thank you for knowing and showing that students are not defined by test scores.

Thank you for being experts at repurposing and finding multi-functionality in just about anything and everything to make learning engaging and refreshing.

Thank you for the tears you shed and for the drying of those shed by others.

Thank you for never giving up on reaching those that have been labeled unreachable.

It all boils down to finding the best way to say Thank you for making a difference, Every. Single. Day. Because of all the nuances involved in making that difference, the impact that teachers have is immeasurable. Their service, dedication, and all around awesomeness are to be commended during Teacher Appreciation Week and every other week of the year. With these 25 reasons in hand, have you thanked a teacher today?

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