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Grasping Grammar with the Power of the Pin

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Whether you’re teaching, writing, or speaking, grammar plays a huge role in how you communicate and how that communication is received. As an ELA teacher and writer, I’ve experienced a myriad of cringe-worthy reactions when people find out what I do. There’s always the fear that I’ll be putting on my grammar glasses whenever they send me anything in writing or utter a phrase. Grammar Gurus exist far beyond the walls of the ELA classroom though, so it’s important to brush up on some basic grammar guidelines and vocabulary boosters to keep you and your students communicating with confidence.

We scoured Pinterest for top grammar and vocabulary finds to bring you a collection of the basics all in one place. From the classic there, their, and they’re to the oft avoided lay vs. lie, this resource roundup is sure to have you in grammar’s good graces whether you’re teaching it or refreshing your basic skills. Enjoy the collection and let the Power of the Pin leave you confident that your writing and speaking don’t require anyone to don a pair of grammar glasses.

Grammar Guidelines

  1. These 10 Tips to Improve Your Grammar from Snap! are the perfect go-to list to get you started. The trick for knowing when to use –able vs. –ible is worth filing this one away for future reference.
  2. These 37 Grammar Rules run the gamut! This fun infographic created by contentequalsmoney.com takes you through those common homonyms that cause wearers of grammar glasses to cringe and when to use i.e., or e.g., (i.e., right now). Let Mrs. G. pave the way to grasping proper grammar.
  3. Grammar Gurus know all about these 10 Grammar Myths. Grammar Girls spells it out for the rest of us. The truth about run-ons and how the a/an debate actually comes down to sound and not vowel/consonant.
  4. Many teachers shy away from touching Lay/Lie with students. With this clever infographic from Medium, you can lay it all out for all to easily comprehend!

Vocabulary Boosters

Now that you’ve got the grammar basics under your belt, it’s time to move on to phase two. The rules are in place, and it’s time jazz up your correspondence by kicking your vocabulary up a notch. With these great finds, your students’ writing will go from great to glorious!

  1. With over 200 Ways to Say ”Went” on the books, you’ll zip into the fast lane. Whether you’re crawling, dashing, or promenading. This list from writeathome.com is sure to get you there in style.
  2. This Said is Dead chart has plenty of ways to profess the sentiment instead. Write on Fourth Grade shared this infographic which lets us rejoice and cheer! Why didn’t we inquire about something like this sooner?
  3. With 100 Ways to Say Great, Blog Write at Home has just the boost you need. You’ll be writing praiseworthy posts in no time!
  4. Other Ways to Say… from Teacher Created Resources is a resourceful compilation of vocabulary exchanges. Your students will go from writing a good story that people like to crafting an exceptional one that they admire!

Be sure that people are focused on what you say, rather than whether it’s been said correctly. These resources offer a perfect jumpstart for teaching grammar to your students or refreshing your own skills. Let our top Pinterest picks keep the grammar glasses at bay and leave you confident in all you say!

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