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5 Downloadable Ways to Help Teachers with the Work-Life Balance

Juggling the many facets of teaching in tandem with all the other components of life outside of school can be overwhelming, but a few key apps can make all the difference!

By Lani Aquino

Keegan has a dentist appointment at 11:00, Maisy’s IEP meeting starts at 3:30, Shawn’s new medication side effects need to be documented, the tutorial on the math program pilot isn’t going to watch itself, Camden needs to eat a more balanced diet, Spike has to get to the vet, and you couldn’t even put out a description for your spouse if he/she went missing because you haven’t spent enough time together lately to know if any drastic measures with hair or wardrobe have occurred! Sound familiar? Teachers spend tireless hours working to stay on top of all aspects of curriculum, student needs, professional development, home, family, and maybe, just maybe a moment for themselves. Once those 32-hour days roll around, it should all be a piece of cake! While we’re all still operating in a 24-hour world though, there are a few apps that may alleviate some of the stressors that can come about from overload and trying to do it all.

Alleviate the stress and panic attacks that can result from trying to remember it all.

Calendar App- Having the when, where, and what’s coming next in your life all in one place can be immensely helpful. This collection of 25 calendar apps from Tom’s Guide is sure to have an organizer that’s a perfect fit for all of your in and out of school needs. With apps like Fantastical 2 or Calendars 5, users can easily toggle from daily, weekly, or monthly views and add new events via simple voice commands. For those who subscribe to all things Google at school, the Google Calendar app is a perfect and completely free addition that can streamline all the ins and outs of daily life.

Take the stressor of planning dinner off your plate.

KptnCook Easy Recipes- Making dinner choices that involve more than scanning a delivery menu can be quite the angst producer. With this user-friendly app, a host of 30-minute meals are just a click away. Three new recipes are added daily with step-by-step instructions for prepping a tasty meal. With food bloggers and the hottest trends as inspiration, there’s no need to worry about what’s for dinner again. Users are able to save their favorites and build a go-to set of recipes for easy meal prep.

Stay in the loop when it comes to news and information.

theSkimm- Nothing can make a person feel more outdated than not being updated. With theSkimm, users get all the news and information to stay topically relevant in a one easy-to-navigate place. With The Daily Skimm, a Monday-Friday delivery of all the latest news trends are available to keep you up to date. Skimm Notes delves a little further and offers 10-minute audio overviews of some of the big topics that are making headlines. Skimm Ahead will even sync with your calendar to offer reminders and updates as events of interest get closer. With a 30-day free trial, this is a perfect chance to see how easy it can be to stay in the loop.

Take a moment to decompress.

Meditation Apps- Healthline put together The Best Meditation Apps of 2017, and this could be just what busy teachers need to reset with their sanity. With Stop, Breathe & Think, users are able to choose guided meditations to start and/or finish the day. Smiling Mind can get the whole family involved in meditation with exercises designed for those as young as seven. Taking the time to focus on mental health and well-being is an oft overlooked, but much needed practice. With an app or two to help with the process, some much needed inner peace can be a simple download away.

Reconnect with family and friends.

Family/Group Games- With everyone’s life going in a million different directions, finding some dedicated family time and some enjoyable activities to do together is important. Tom’s Guide put together the Best iOS Games for 2017, and there’s sure to be a new favorite to enjoy with family and friends. Psych! Outwit Your Friends is like Balderdash meets device as players submit answers to questions like What do you call a group of zebras? or What is a mumpsimus? With Dance Party, players get entertainment and exercise in one engaging app. There’s sure to be something to appeal to a variety of age and interest levels in this entertaining collection.

Teachers are some of the most on-the-go people out there. With all the work-life balance that needs to occur to keep some semblance of sanity, it can be really helpful to find some downloadable assistance. Whether it’s whipping up a tasty meal or winding down after a long day, these apps will help teachers stay on top of things in a topsy-turvy world!

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