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5 New Reads to Line a Teacher’s Professional Bookshelf

Staying up-to-date on professional reads related to pedagogy is a snap with this go-to list of new releases.

By Lani Aquino

Teachers are constantly honing their craft in a variety of ways. Whether it’s an in-person workshop, a webinar, the joining of an online professional community, or simply doing some searching on a favorite education-related website, teachers are constantly growing and changing much like their students. With so many available opportunities, conversations about the latest, engaging reads may not be as prevalent, but the reads are no less impactful. Here are five new releases that should be lining teachers’ professional bookshelves.

Quit Point: Understanding Apathy, Engagement, and Motivation in the Classroom- This engaging read by Adam Chamberlin and Sveti Matejic is hot off the presses and ready to impact education. Quit Point refers to that moment when effort and interest hit a wall. Every teacher has experienced this point with a variety of students and likely even within themselves. The ability to identify the triggers and incorporate strategies to manage, delay, and avoid hitting the Quit Point are explored in this book. The tools to reach and engage every student make this new title a must read!

Positive Mindset Habits for Teachers: 10 Steps to Reduce Stress, Increase Student Engagement and Reignite Your Passion for Teaching- Well, Grace Stevens, you had us at reduce stress! Finding ways to tackle the daily ins and outs of teaching can be overwhelming and lead to increased stress and teacher burnout. Having the tools to tackle these issues and more is the focus of Stevens’ 10-step approach. The conversational tone of this book makes it a quick page turner with a lot of quality information. Readers also have access to a free workbook to help navigate and implement the strategies shared and can download a free, 6-week version of the Positive-Mindset Journal. Building a positive mindset that allows all those in the classroom to embrace and enjoy the learning process can be a game changer.

The Big Book of Literacy Tasks, Grades K-8: 75 Literacy Activities Students Do (Not You!)- Having a go-to set of strategies for literacy is a fantastic find for teachers of any curriculum. Having 75 of them in one go-to location is what readers are receiving in Nancy Akhavan’s latest professional publication. By scaffolding literacy tasks to help students tackle literacy efforts more independently, the activities shared offer an engaging instructional approach to fostering literacy in the classroom. Each two-paged spread offers a new activity to build upon the last, and there are also a variety of tips for meeting the needs of a wide range of learners. With an end result of better readers and writers, this go-to resource deserves a space on the pedagogical bookshelf.

Hacking Mathematics: 10 Problems That Need Solving- As the 17th Volume in the Hack Learning Series, this new read by Denis Sheeran is in good company. Increasing engagement and bringing a love of math to students is at the heart of Hacking Mathematics. By increasing relevant connectivity with mathematics and engaging students on new levels, teachers can help students start thinking like mathematicians and welcoming a productive struggle free of frustration. By hacking the instructional approaches and assessment measures used, teachers can begin to see more positive results and elevated levels of mathematic inquiry. The right-now applications and takeaways make this a right-now purchasing must.

Real Talk About Classroom Management: 50 Best Practices That Work and Show You Believe in Your Students- Serena Pariser has made creating a positive classroom climate easy and accessible with this collection of 50 best practices. Classroom management can be a stumbling block for even the most seasoned educators. From creating a positive culture in the pivotal first weeks to maintaining a work-life balance, the relatable anecdotes and advice shared can make all the difference in positively impacting the classroom. Pariser’s in-the-trenches experiences and easy-to-follow methods will help teachers at any level identify a variety of practices they can start implementing to create a positive classroom climate.

Teachers are lifelong learners in the ever-changing field of education. Staying fresh and relevant is a key to experiencing continued success in the classroom and building positive relationships with students. These 5 newly released titles for education are the perfect addition to a growing shelf of tools and resources for making a difference in the classroom and beyond.

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