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What’s New in Children’s Literature

Whether you’re looking to add some titles to your classroom book nook, at-home library, or holiday shopping list, these 7 newcomers in children’s literature are sure to please.

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Staying in the loop on the newest books and series for kids can be a very time-consuming endeavor. Finding that perfect book to spur on the reluctant reader or build a lifelong love of reading in any child is well worth the efforts. That reading bug may just be sparked with one of these 7 new titles!

Counting Lions: Portraits from the Wild - This oversized picture book written by Katie Cotton and illustrated by Stephen Walton will delight both younger and older audiences. The gorgeous illustrations that appear to be photos but are actually charcoal drawings pull you into the text. The ten animals featured guide this counting adventure that unfolds through simple text. The story’s text is accompanied by endnotes detailing the endangered creatures that fill the pages. A page-turning delight for the eyes and ears!

Fast Break - Sports writer Mike Lupica delivers another must read with Fast Break. At 12 years old, Jayson finds himself alone and trying to side-step the foster care system. His love of basketball causes his downfall when getting caught stealing basketball shoes alerts the authorities to his situation. Jayson finds himself placed with a family on the rich side of town and faced with joining a new team and fitting in with a new crowd. His love of basketball is the one consistency that carries through to the new neighborhood. Will it be enough? Find out in this uplifting sports read.

The Game of Lives - This final book in the Mortality Doctrine series by James Dashner will not disappoint. After following Michael on his cyber world adventures in The Eye of Minds and The Rule of Thoughts, readers are once again pulled into a setting where virtual reality becomes reality. Readers are taken through unexpected twists and turns to arrive at an ending that packs a powerful punch. A great third and final installment for this widely read series.

Jack Frost - This third addition to The Guardians of Childhood series by William Joyce is in keeping with the marvelous illustrations and storytelling found in the previous two installments. Among the visually appealing pages, readers find the story of Jack Frost and how he came to be. When Jack plummets to Earth and finds himself forever a child, his journeys lead him to find the warmth that was missing from his heart and to understand his pivotal role in bringing happiness to others as a Guardian of Childhood. This storybook will soon become a well-loved classic to those who turn its pages.

Little Tree - This feel good story by Loren Long is sure to be enjoyed by children and adults alike. Little Tree fears change and holds onto his leaves as all those around him allow theirs to fall. Through the simple yet engaging illustrations, readers follow Little Tree through the years and watch him hold fast to all he knows and causing him to not grow alongside those that accept the seasons of change. This simple story carries a big theme about growing up and dropping those proverbial security blankets. Through Little Tree’s eventual acceptance of change, great discussions can be sparked to help readers find the courage to grow.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, Book 1: The Sword of Summer - Check out the newly released first installment in Rick Riordan’s Norse mythology series. While similar to some of Riordan’s previous works with a teenager discovering an unknown lineage, Magnus Chase takes readers on new and exciting adventures through yet another branch of mythology. With doomsday lurking, Magnus begins his search for a weapon that has been lost for thousands of years. A perfect fit for series and adventure lovers.

The Turnip - This retelling by Jan Brett of a classic Russian folktale is beautifully illustrated. Readers are treated to side illustrations on each page that allow a glimpse into other happenings that are coinciding with the main page action. When it comes time to harvest the turnip, the badger family is in for a struggle with this unyielding root vegetable. Many attempts are made with the main and side story illustrations finally colliding for a laughable conclusion. Great reading fun for little ones and a unique storytelling layout to be discussed with students of all ages.

From virtual reality to vegetable gardens, these 7 newly released children’s books offer a variety of topics to appeal to a wide range of readers. We’ve got multiple subjects and grade levels covered with just a few selections. When finding that perfect book may seem daunting, try looking at What’s New for the right fit.

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