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What’s New in Teacher Websites

It's time to hit the bookmark button; these teacher websites are sure to become your go-to favorites!

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Lesson plans, resources, and innovative products are often top searches for educators trying to improve their pedagogical practices. Unfortunately, time for searching the web is often hard to come by with the daily ins and outs that accompany working with students. We’ve found 4 websites that can help you refresh your repertoire and present the best learning opportunities in an engaging educational environment.

Answerables (answerables.com/for-educators)
Create lessons and garner resources with this innovative concept created by NEXED. The Answerables website incorporates the flipped classroom, game-based learning, a rewards system, lesson planning, and a vast array of resources all in a very user-friendly package. A single-user subscription is free and a great way to test out the concept. Small group, class, and school/district packages are also available. With purchased packages, teachers can create a digital journey for students by assigning them quests to complete which allow students to interact with virtual lessons and materials at their own pace.

Common Curriculum (commoncurriculum.com)
This relative newcomer created by teachers makes lesson planning manageable, changeable, and shareable. Several ready-to-use templates are available which can be quickly modified to fit your own lesson planning style. Easily browse and link to the applicable standards from a large bank including those from the Common Core and individual states. Drag and drop to rearrange or extend focus on lessons and activities when teachable moments, unforeseen interruptions, and/or the basic nature of flexibility needed by teachers come into play! Free for individual usage or groups can pay a per teacher price that makes collaborative efforts a breeze. Through real-time collaboration, grade levels, departments, etc. can work together on a single file. User-friendly website for creation, navigation, and adaptation of all your lessons.

GEI (geiendorsed.com)
Looking for the best products on the education market? Be sure to stop by GEI to see the latest line of teacher-endorsed items. Global Educator Institute was launched in 2015 and offers a unique platform that unites teachers and product creators to bring the best of the best to classrooms. GEI provides a seal of approval, but only for products that have passed a teacher-tested endorsement process. Rather than wondering about the effectiveness of a product, check the GEI website to find products that have been vetted by fellow educators to receive the GEI endorsement. While you’re browsing the products and their reviews, it’s a cinch to register to become a product reviewer and join the growing community of educators shaping the future.

Knowmia (knowmia.com)
Added to TechSmith’s growing collection of resources for teachers in 2014, this website with available companion apps houses a collection of over 30,000 teacher-created videos. These videos range from slide presentations, tutorials, teacher talks, read alouds, etc. The perfect bookmark to access when you’re looking for a new approach to a topic or area of study. The shared videos can be directly used in the classroom or offer the springboard needed for presenting a lesson in your own way. Through Knowmia Teach, teachers can utilize a wide array of tutorials and resources for creating their own video presentations for free, and Knowmia Teach Pro offers additional resources and video creation tools for just $9.99. A perfect companion for the flipped classroom or teachers looking for fresh ideas and approaches.

Whether you find yourself in need of ideas, planning platforms, or products, these websites have you covered. With so many day-to-day challenges that go along with teaching, don’t let searching for the right resources be one of them. This reliable collection of go-to websites can make a teacher’s life a whole lot easier!

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