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A Parent’s Guide to Summer Workshops & Activities

Finding the right workshops and activities for kids to explore over the summer can help parents ensure that learning continues to flourish during this extended time away from the classroom.

By Lani Aquino

Finding the right workshops and activities for kids to explore over the summer can help parents ensure that learning continues to flourish during this extended time away from the classroom.

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By Lani Aquino

It’s hard to believe that end of the school year is fast approaching, but in the blink of an eye, kids will be off for the summer, and the scramble to fill those hopefully sunshine-filled days begins. Whether parents are home with their kids or arranging for childcare, the window for creating engaging activities gets a lot longer when the many hours typically allotted for school are no longer occupied. While lots of outdoor time to enjoy nature, explore, and just be kids is encouraged, sometimes some more structured activities need to find their way into the summer mix.

There are actually lots of engaging and educational opportunities to be found. These can range from short activities that last 1-2 hours to weeklong or month long camps that can take up the majority of the time away from school. When parents have an abundance of options to choose from, it can be easier to find the right fit(s) for children’s interests, timeframes, and budgets. This collection of ideas for creating a memorable and educational summer for kids is a great place to start filing in those long, empty days on the June, July, and August calendar pages.


  • Bowl free every day this summer! A perfect plan for those rainy days or really any day!
  • Building workshops at Home Depot are offered once a month! Great for summer or during the school year.
  • Add some outdoor education with the Family Summer Camp at Bass Pro Shops.
  • A variety of programs are offered by the National Park Service that allow kids to explore parks from home or earn badges if a family trip is on the summer agenda.
  • For computer lovers, be sure to look into the free workshops offered at Microsoft and Apple stores!
  • Kids 6-12 that love all things Lego can take advantage of some free events at local stores.
  • Reading programs are a great way to get kids reading and earning cool rewards. offers several program links and a local library is another great resource for reading incentive programs and free classes and activities.


  • Let kids get crafty for only a few dollars per session at a local Michaels
  • Look into local kid camps/workshops. These are never in short supply and can be a few hours, full-day, and/or weeklong options. Great for working parents. With many themes and areas of concentration offered, there are typically great programs for dinosaur lovers, animal lovers, robotics enthusiasts, building aficionados, blossoming artists, budding actors, etc. Look for camps at the following locations:


  • iD Tech Camps- Find a local college campus hosting these weeklong summer camps that allow kids ages 7-17 explore a variety of STEM learning opportunities. Kids can immerse themselves in coding, gaming, video production, robotics, AI, and more. Many camps can be booked with day camp or overnight options.
  • Air Camp- Kids will have a high-flying experience at an aviation camp. For those with a love or interest in flying, locating a camp at a local airfield can be a perfect summer fit!
  • Architecture Camp- Take a love of building a step further by enrolling kids in an architecture camp. With many locations available across the US, this is an enjoyably educational option.
  • Engineering Camp- Another great way to explore STEM learning is through a hands-on engineering camp. Kids ages 4-14 can look at the world in new ways via engineering.
  • Music Programs- Look at local universities to discover engaging music programs for a variety of mediums and skill levels.

The options really are limitless when finding camps and activities to keep kids educationally fresh over the summer. While pool time and relaxation have their place, it’s also a great idea to keep kids academically and artistically engaged. This go-to guide offers a variety of activities to fit a variety of interests and price points.

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