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The Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Those Teachers

An honest look at what teachers would love to receive this holiday season.

There’s a lot of fun gift giving that occurs during the holidays. Classrooms across the country are no exception to this. Some teachers may receive a few more holiday parcels than others, but all teachers have a hearty collection of mugs and ornaments proclaiming they are special or the world’s best.

When it comes time for students and parents to choose that perfect holiday surprise for a favorite educator, any and all selections are appreciated. When it comes to practicality, there are a few items that will garner a bit more than a perfunctory thank you. Whether it’s an individual selection or a classroom gift, these 5 list toppers will keep teachers smiling well after the ribbons and papers hit the recycle bin.

Yeti  — No, this isn’t a plug for payment; it’s a Wow, these things are amazing! Teachers are lucky if they get any opportunity to use the restroom, much less freshen their beverage of choice. Whether it’s coffee, water, green tea, pop, etc. Whether it’s meant to be served hot or cold, a Yeti will keep it that way all day long. Literally, a happiness game changer when all you want is a sip of your favorite liquid at its proper serving temperature. Great idea for a whole class gift as they are a bit pricey. A reliable knock-off would work for plan B too and most work just as good. Check out Ozark Trail's version. A World’s Best Teacher sticker added to the side - epic!

Seasonal Wear — Teachers are the wearers of many hats, scarves, galoshes, sunglasses, etc. While many think that educators never leave their classrooms, there are actually many times during the day when they do. Oftentimes these excursions require a braving of the elements, whatever they may be. Bus duty, outdoor supervision, fire drills, or any other number of situations have teachers heading headfirst into snow, sleet, wind, rain, etc. An extra set of gloves, scarf, hat, sunglasses, umbrella, poncho, hand warmers, or any other item to make facing the elements bearable would be a perfect item for teachers to have on hand in the classroom.

Gift Card — If you’re unsure what to get, let a teacher make that selection themselves. Gift cards to coffee shops, movies, restaurants, stores, or other local spots are a perfect way to say thank you at the holidays. It may be a favorite place a student has heard a teacher mention, or it may be an opportunity for a teacher to discover a new favorite. While waiting in the coffee line, watching the newest comedy, or enjoying an extra splurge at the store, a gift card recipient is able to feel a renewed sense of appreciation from students.

School Supplies- While you may not purchase a plunger for a plumber at the holidays, teachers get giddy out about receiving the tools of their trade. Come December, the everyday supplies can be in dire need of a refresh. This could include anything and everything. Some ideas would be pens, pencils, paperclips, markers, post-its, dry erase supplies, stickers, or any other item that makes everyday life in the classroom easier. If this seems too boring of an idea, a few clicks on Pinterest will offer up an adorable saying or rhyme that makes paperclips seem awesome.

Personal Note — Last but not least is the most affordable and most meaningful of all the gifts a teacher could receive, and that’s a note of thanks. While all the other ideas may offer creature comforts for inside and outside of the classroom, a short letter or note offers a heartwarming validation that all the crazed efforts are worth it. Letting a teacher know about a favorite lesson, a personal breakthrough, a special connection, or any other positive accolade from the past few months will be met with extreme gratitude and possibly a few tears. When the craziness of the holidays is upon us, being reminded that going the extra mile has a significant impact is just what a teacher needs to recharge and keep going. An endearing note from students and/or parents is truly the best gift of all.

While anything and everything is appreciated because students and parents have made the time and effort to think of a teacher with a gift, there are a few options that offer up a wow factor. The five ideas shared offer a personal touch that shows a teachers they are appreciated. As a whole class gift or an individual holiday treat, these list toppers will have teachers entering the holiday break with huge and appreciative smiles!

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