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What’s New in Children’s Literature? June 2019

Summertime and reading time can easily go hand-in-hand with these engaging, new reads!

By Lani Aquino

While summer may mean time away from the classroom, it shouldn’t turn into time away from learning. Getting kids to read daily is a lot easier with some engaging titles to offer! These new releases will likely fit the bill and offer something engaging for students at a variety of reading and interest levels.

Alphabreaths: The ABCs of Mindful Breathing-Christopher Willard, PSYD and Daniel Rechtschaffen, MA use their experiences as a psychologist and marriage and family therapist to author a great introduction to mindfulness for kids. With Holly Clifton-Brown illustrating, this enjoyable and informative read is also visually engaging. The A to Z description of different breathing styles will have readers learning how to connect with nature with Mountain Breath and Redwood Breath or add some introspection with Heart Breath and Wish Breath.

The Bad Guys in the Big Bad Wolf (The Bad Guys #9)- Aaron Blabely adds the ninth installment to his bestselling The Bad Guys series. When Mr. Wolf increases in size to Godzilla-like proportions, the Bad Guys are in for some giant-sized trouble! An alien invasion must be thwarted, and Mr. Wolf must be returned to normal proportions. The International League of Heroes has some new superheroes to aid in the mission. The Bad Guys will have quite a challenge to save the day this time!

Popular MMOs Presents Enter the Mine- YouTube sensations Pat and Jen from Minecraft MMO have penned another graphic novel illustrated by Dani Jones. This is the solution to getting kids away from screens and reading. After Pat and Jen returned from the antics of novel one, they noticed more holes appearing an more friends disappearing. When Jen falls into one of these mysterious holes and Pat follows, the two find themselves adventuring through a dark boomium mine. Readers will be along for the ride and all the jokes and thrilling action found within this graphic novel.

Batting Order- Mike Lupica has created another engaging sports read with Batting Order. While Ben and Matt both love the game of baseball, they are very different players. Ben is a big guy with a big personality who can hit the ball big distances, when he can connect with it. Matt is a quiet and shy player with a bit of a stutter, but he’s also the best all-around player on the team. These two opposites come together when Ben asks Matt for some hitting tips to help bring the team out of a slump before the season’s end. Will they be able to set differences aside for the love of the game?

Shouting at the Rain- Linda Mullaly Hunt has created a perfect summer read for tweens. Set in a seaside town, readers follow Delsie and a lively cast of characters through a series of coming of age adventures that offer lots of insight on perspective and acceptance. Delsie has always lived with her grandmother, but longing for a “regular family” starts entering her wish list. Toss in the turmoil of friendships, and it can be a hard road to navigate. This novel is all about discovery and finding that right and supportive path.

Escape from the Isle of Lost (A Descendants Novel)- Anohter junior novel has been added to the Descendants series by Melissa de la Cruz. Before graduations arrives, Mal, Evie, Jay, and Carlos have a plan to put into action. Even though tons of kids vying to enter Auradon Prep, the school’s biggest enemy is still at large and vowing revenge on Mal. When Uma discovers an underground lair for Hades, god of the underworld, she partners up with him to carry out her plan. The explosive underwater battle between Mal and Uma will determine the fate of Auradon and the Isle of Lost as a whole!

Rosie the Dragon and Charlie Make Waves- Lauren H. Kerstein has teamed up with illustrator Nate Wragg to share a fun, summer tale about a boy and a dragon at the pool. Just a normal summer day, right? Wrong! Rosie finds it a bit challenging to follow the rules at the pool, as any dragon likely would. There is bubble blowing that requires umbrellas, flutter kick that cause tidal waves, and even the shoulder rides make for some pretty precarious entertainment. Young readers will delight in the antics and likely be longing for a pet dragon of their own.

Treasure Hunters: All-American Adventure- James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein have teamed up with illustrator Juliana Neufeld to bring readers a cross-country adventure. When Bick, Beck, Storm, and Tommy discover a fake Bill of Rights conspiracy, their boring time in Washington, D.C. comes to an end. They begin an adventurous journey across the U.S. to prove the document is a forgery and save the country an altering fate.

There’s a little something for everyone in this month’s newly released reads. From adventure to self-discovery, lots of interest and genres are covered. Stocking the bookshelf with great reads just got a lot easier with What’s New in Children’s Literature?

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