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What’s New in Children’s Literature? May 2019

The school year is rounding out with some great new titles for keeping the reading passion fueled over summer or any time throughout the year!

By Lani Aquino

Many teachers spend their careers trying to develop that spark and love for reading in all of their students. This becomes a much easier task when the right reads are available. This collection of new releases offers a variety of titles across the K-12 spectrum and may just hold the key to igniting the reading flame!

Theodore Boone: The Accomplice-Celebrated author John Grisham has penned another page-turner with his latest Theodore Boone novel. Young readers can join Theo as he traverses another legal thriller. When his good friend Woody starts making poor choices, Theo is on high alert. When Woody is arrested for a crime he didn’t commit, Theo jumps into action. Saving his friend from an unjust justice system is the call to action for this exciting read.

Aurora Rising- The bestselling writing team of Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff have paired up again to deliver a new science fiction epic to readers. In the year 2380, Aurora Academy’s graduating cadets are ready to delve into their first missions. This take an unexpected turn for Tyler Jones when he ends up with a less-than-stellar squad and an interdimensional problem. After rescuing Aurora Jie-Lin O'Malley from interdimensional space where she was trapped in cryo-sleep for two centuries, Auri may be a catalyst to a war with Ty’s group being the only hope for the galaxy.

Just Jaime (Emmie & Friends)- Middle school is peppered with drama and friendship issues, and author and illustrator Terry Libenson helps readers realize they are not alone in this plight. It’s the last day of seventh grade, and Jamie and Maya are taking a closer look at friendships and who their real friends truly are. Jaime finds herself being excluded and teased for her fashion choices, and Maya finds herself annoyed with Jaime more often than enjoying being around her. The fate of the relationship between these two best friends plays out in this engaging and relatable read.

Elephant and Piggie Like Reading! Harold and Hog Pretend for Real!- Beloved author Mo Willems Doug Santat delights readers with another addition to the Elephant and Piggie Like Reading! series that brought this dynamic duo out of retirement. All of the books in the series are framed with an into and closing from Mo Willems’ Elephant and Piggie. With Doug Santant telling the story of Harold and Hog Pretend for Real, young readers will enjoy seeing how these two friends that are so different handle pretending to be Elephant and Piggie! Another fun read in a favorite Mo Willems series.

Again, But Better: A Novel- Successful booktuber Christine Riccio turns author with this debut novel for older readers. Shane realizes she’s been navigating college all wrong. In an effort to turn things around, she signs up for a semester abroad. Leaving her comfort zone could prove to be a huge benefit or a huge mistake. With lots of life lessons along the way, readers will find a relatable character and enjoy accompanying here as she sets out to find friendships, relationships, and adventure!

The Princess in Black and the Science Fair Scare- Shannon and Dean Hale have teamed up with illustrator LeUyen Pham once again to bring the sixth installment to the Princess in Black series. Readers will find Princess Magnolia and friends excited to be heading to the science fair. When Tommy Wigtower has an entry that causes some issues, it’s time for the masked princesses to jump into action. Will scientific problem solving be enough to save the day?  

Crossing on Time: Steam Engines, Fast Ships, and a Journey to the New World- David Macaulay combines curiosity and detail to bring an engagingly written and illustrated book about the story of the steamship. This award-winning author-illustrator takes readers through the history of the steamship right up to the production of the final and most advanced of all steamships, the SS United States. This highly informational read is framed around the author’s own experience crossing the Atlantic in the famed ship.

Lambslide- International bestselling author Ann Patchett teams up with Fancy Nancy illustrator Robin Preiss Glasser to bring young readers an amusing tale. When the lambs on the Farmer farm overhear the family telling Nicolette that she will win the student council election by a landslide, they mistakenly hear lambslide and begin determining how to get one of these necessary contraptions for themselves. The lambs begin their own campaign, bargaining and looking for assistance from all of the other animals. Will this dream lambslide ever come to fruition? Children will delight in discovering the answers found within this new read.

Finding the perfect read for every student is a lot easier when teachers have an expansive list of titles. This month’s new releases will allow teachers to add several titles to students’ summer reading lists. Stocking the bookshelf with great reads just got a lot easier with What’s New in Children’s Literature?

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