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What’s New in Educational Gadgets?

A list of the latest resources to keep the learning environment fresh and inviting is always a must have!

By Lani Aquino

Sometimes the smallest tweak in aesthetics or routine can make a big impact on learning. When new gadgets come on the market, they can be just what teachers and/or students needed without even realizing it. Whether it’s organizing space, developing interests, or tackling learning in a new way, these gadgets could be just what’s needed to refresh a learning space or concept and bring new life to learning.

Keybodo Keyboard Cover- Students may be whizzes on the computer, but oftentimes their keyboarding skills are of the hunt-and-peck variety. Keybodo is a tactile character recognition cover that helps users truly feel the letters, numbers, and/or symbols being typed. This tactile component can assist in better mastery of the keyboard and result in improved accuracy and speed in typing. The productivity benefits are well worth it, and the added bonus of protecting keyboards from dust, crumbs, and spills make these covers a great addition to classroom keyboards.

Plugable Microscope Camera- The Plugable USB2-MICRO-250X Digital Microscope allows users to engage in activities at a microscopic level. This portable and affordable ($34.95) digital accessory is perfect for science classrooms, STEM projects, and/or any other situations where taking a much, much closer look is warranted. The flexible arm stand and observation pad with graduated marks make measurement a breeze. Camera functions can be controlled directly from the computer with video and time-lapse abilities offering several unique options for study.

Lego WeDo- While Lego WeDo came out a few years ago, now is a great time to pick up the WeDo 1.0 set before it’s retired in December 2017. The WeDo sets are designed specifically for classroom usage and can be a great addition to a makerspace and/or science curriculum. With a wealth of teacher resources and ideas, integrating these highly engaging kits into the classroom will be sure to boost students’ curiosity, problem-solving, creativity, and more! The newest addition of Lego Boost products are also something to keep on the radar for engaging STEM fun.

reMarkable Paper Tablet- Sometimes an item for the budgetary wish list is warranted. With reMarkable, the paperless classroom can be achieved without losing the feel and flexibility of working with paper. These tablets operate via digital ink, and users can draw, write, underline, highlight, etc., with the companion pen. Even the sound of pencil on paper is mimicked with the innovative combo. This digital reader, writer, sketcher, and overall tablet wonder deserves a place on any teacher’s wish list.

Cyanics i-Bridge Multimedia Stand- The ability to stay organized can often be that little something that’s needed to enhance the learning environment. This laptop/monitor stand with desk organizer components could be a perfect addition to a teacher’s cluttered workspace or a student device center. With a 4-port usb hub, a smartphone stand, and storage space below, it makes getting organized a much easier task.

Educational gadgets can be those little somethings that make a big difference in learning. Whether streamlining spaces, building creativity, or enhancing functionality are in order, some new items could be the perfect way to hit the refresh button on engaging students in thoughtful spaces. These 5 accessories for learning and organizing come in at a variety of price points and could add some renewed flair to the classroom repertoire.

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