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What’s New in Lesson Planning Resources

When it comes to writing lesson plans, finding the right resource(s) can make a world of difference in preparing and streamlining thoughtful and engaging learning opportunities for students.

Any teacher with experience in the classroom will tell you that having a plan in place does wonders for creating a positive learning environment. While the plan may not always go as predicted and all the blanks may not be filled at the start, lesson plans really do make a world of difference in ensuring that curriculum is covered and engaging activities are provided. When a teacher finds a user-friendly, go-to tool for creating said lessons, it can be a game-changer for the entire planning process. The ability to digitally create, revise, collaborate, etc. can make a daunting task all the easier. In these 4 newer resources for building lesson plans, teachers may just find that perfect fit they’ve been seeking.

  1. Common Curriculum — Some of the best lesson are derived from a meeting of the minds when educators are able to gather and plan together. Common Curriculum puts a real-time, shareable, and collaborative planning template in teachers’ hands and allows those meetings to take place via the digital world. The design of the flexible templates brings simplicity to adding standards, rearranging lesson sequences, extending time, etc. Common Curriculum gives teachers the ability to customize their lessons, add and upload unlimited files, view calendars in a variety of timeframes, develop units, and so much more.
  2. Curriculum Crafter — An innovative concept with a new look, Curriculum Crafter, helps teachers plan with ease. Users have the ability to create, align, and map lessons to streamline their curriculum throughout the school year. Digital resources allows teachers to add their own lessons or choose from over 1,000 lesson ideas shared by Crafter. Teachers can quickly link to the appropriate standards and map the year to ensure the entire curriculum is covered. Users can easily share resources to collaborate with fellow educators and continually develop the best possible lessons for all students. Differentiation tools will soon be added to offer even more opportunities to plan and reach all learning levels and styles.
  3. TeacherPlanBook — This online resource allows teacher to access plans from any device. Rather than copying the same lesson plan over each year, TPB keeps all lessons stored on the cloud, so teachers can simply access and adapt their tried-and-true activities over the years. Referencing standards is just a click away with the built-in bank of state and national choices. With tools for sharing information with parents and submitting plans to administrators, TeacherPlanBook keeps all stakeholders in the loop when it comes to daily activities in the classroom. The easy-to-use format offers users the ability to quickly pick up on the program’s nuances and get started putting together powerful lessons.
  4. ThemeSpark — This simple tool allows teachers to quickly create lessons based on the standards. Sometimes finding the right format to put all those great teaching ideas together is all teachers need to make the most of their planning time. ThemeSpark is quick and easy to use, and the components involved in creating the lessons are designed to ensure the curricular needs are covered and students are engaged in the learning. The quick and easy rubric maker allows teachers to create their assessment tools as they do their planning. A simple and free resource to help teachers organize their plans.

When teachers have the proper tools for planning, it makes a powerful difference in how they can develop the learning environment for students. The best resources for developing effective lessons may look different from teacher to teacher, but the positive effects for students are the same end goal. With these 4 resources for planning, teachers have some engaging options to review as they search for that perfect match.

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