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What’s New in Organizational Resources for the Classroom, July 2017

Organizational tools for managing information and supplies can be lifesavers for navigating day-to-day life in the classroom.

By Lani Aquino

Organization is a foundational element for the sanity of all stakeholders in an educational setting. Even when a classroom may seem to be in a bit of a disarray to an outsider, there is typically a method to the madness. Teachers spend their whole careers revamping and perfecting organizational systems that keep them up-to-date with changes in teaching styles, materials, trends, etc. When some go-to resources that make that job a little easier are found, a positive impact on the learning environment can result. These 5 newer resources can aid teachers in organizing items in both the digital and tangible resource realms.

Organization of Information

The producers of digital organizational resources typically update with trends and demands in the same fashion that educators update their pedagogy, so although an online program or app may not be a brand new release, there may be a newer version with components that warrant the taking of a second look.

Google Keep- Notes and Lists- If it’s produced by Google, it’s sure to offer some exceptional elements for the classroom and life in general. The latest version of Google Keep allows users to add drawings to their notes and quickly swipe to archive any notes created. These are just a couple of added bonuses to this already powerful organizer of information. Notes can be organized with labels and colors. Users can set reminders to ping in certain location or at certain times. Upon arriving at a designated location, Keep will remind the user of the task to be completed or the item(s) that are needed. No more walking into a store and forgetting the purpose of the trip or an integral item. The app easily syncs across devices to ensure users always have the information needed at their fingertips. A great tool for educator’s personal organization and/or to share with older students that need additional organizational resources.

IFTTT- For those looking to streamline the digital world, IFTTT is the perfect fit. Standing for If This, Then That, this app allows users to make applets or connections and commands between different services. New combinations are constantly being added, and those that are looking for ways to manage the information they encounter and stay on top of high interest topics of their choosing have found the app for that. No more constantly forgetting where that great article you came across was placed, IFTTT can create the channel to immediately place any liked articles into Dropbox or another platform of the readers choosing. The creation of these streamlining applets can help educators and students stay on top of important information and reminders. This service is helpful in managing and organizing all aspects of life inside and outside of the classroom.

Any.do: To-Do List, Calendar, Reminders & Tasks- Any.do is an app that can help both teachers and students streamline their organization and stay on top of endless to-do lists and deadlines. While the app itself is not a new release, some of its recent updates definitely make it worth revisiting. The newest update allows users to set reminders via simple SIRI commands. Don’t have time to jot something down? SIRI and Any.do have it covered with setting calendar events and reminders by voice command. A great way to help students stay on top of project dates and deadlines. Any.do is a digital task manager that helps users stay focused on their prioritized activities. Access is available across devices and on the go.

Organization of Supplies

Create-a-Space™ Storage Center- This affordable supply center is the perfect way to keep items organized and accessible. With 9 bins to hold different supplies and 8 of those bins removable, it can be easy to hold a variety of supplies or multiple sets of a singular one. This would be a great way to distribute materials to different groups and then make an easy visual check ensuring all borrowed materials have been returned. A compact and colorful storage solution to keep learning spaces and groups organized.

Re-Markable™ Dry Erase Sleeves & Supplies Storage- Dry erase sleeves can transform any worksheet into a reusable resource. Having a system to store the materials needed to utilize this strategy makes the process a whole lot easier and time efficient. This Re-Markable™ storage system has an easily accessible area for storing dry erase markers, erasers, sleeves, and the various sheets and activities to fill the sleeves. When all supplies can be located, distributed, and collected with ease, it aids in the seamless flow of implementing impactful strategies.

The time saved by being organized is priceless, and any teacher can tell you that time is the one thing they wish they could have in endless supply. While there isn’t an app or resource for adding more hours to the day, there are definitely ways to make the most of the time that is available. Whether the time-savers come in the form of organized and easily accessible supplies or organizers of information, educators know that finding some great go-to tricks of the trade makes their jobs a whole lot easier. These 5 organizing elements are worth reviewing and may just become an integral part of the teaching toolkit.

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