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What’s New in Teacher Websites

Making it easier to meet the needs of students by offering insight into some great resources that have recently hit the education scene!

Falling into the regular routines and utilizing the same old familiar resources can be an easy go-to way to making it through all the stresses of planning and preparing learning opportunities for students. Finding some reliable resources to spice up that monotonous flow can bring some renewed zeal to a lackluster learning environment. These newer resources for educators are worthy of second glance and possible addition to a pedagogical repertoire.

Zoom In! — Finding high interest and content applicable primary and secondary sources can be a challenge. Zoom In! takes the guesswork out of locating reliable resources and offers a wide range of support materials to enhance the close reading experience. The 18 U.S. History lessons that are available can be explored through an interactive inquiry format. Each era of history is represented and has students close reading, gathering evidence, and composing an argumentative or explanatory essay. The primary and secondary sources used include speeches, political cartoons, oral histories, essays, letters, photographs, and more. Immerse students in history from multiple perspectives and let them discover the power of research and inquiry as they delve into these ready-to-use and engaging lessons.

Owl Eyes — This innovative resource fosters a love of reading and has teachers falling in love with its tagline of Read. Annotate. Collaborate. Owl Eyes brings text to any device and allows students to begin exploring the adventures found within the library of varied titles they offer. As students jump into the text, they are able to read annotations provided and/or create their own. This takes the reading experience to a deeper level and allows students to interact with text rather than just skimming over the words that fill a page. Teachers can quickly and easily create virtual classrooms, add students, assign annotation, reading, and/or quizzes. A great way to manage reading experiences and help students dive into character analysis, quotes, literary devices, vocabulary, etc. If all this weren’t enticing enough, the price tag is more than just a bonus; it’s a budgetary boon, free!

Google Arts & Culture — Lots of improvements and downloadable companion apps make Google Arts & Culture a great addition to any educational environment. The Google wow factor is prevalent as students, teachers, and lovers of all things cultural explore this expansive collection of information and resources. Art, history, and world wonders are on display in a variety of formats. Google’s partnership with over 1,200 museums worldwide gives at-the-fingertip’s accessibility to an amazing collection of resources. Students can take virtual tours, find engaging daily facts about art and historical events, and explore in-depth projects with a wealth of resources. Teachers can send students on awe-inspiring tours through Google Expeditions and really tap into some high-interest topics and activities.  

Pique student interest and take some of the pressure off of finding new resources. With these 3 newcomers on the ed scene, teachers and students can find some fresh ideas and points of entry for expanding their learning horizons. Igniting a new spark is just a few clicks away!

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