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What's New in Children's Literature

If you’re expanding the collection on your classroom shelves, at-home library, or holiday shopping list, these five newcomers in children’s literature are some great top picks!

Keeping up to date with all the latest great reads can be a time-consuming task. Finding the perfect fit for an avid reader or a literary avoider can oftentimes feel overwhelming. Having a few go-to titles can make the whole experience a lot easier. These five newbies have recently hit the bookstore shelves and may just be a hit with some hard to please readers.

Dan TDM: Trayaurus and the Enchanted Crystal — This graphic novel is presented by YouTube sensation Dan TDM (Dan Middleton) and illustrator Doreen Mulryan. From the viewing screen to the turning page, the reimagining of the Minecraft world comes to life for readers. When Trayaurus and Dan TDM recover one of the five pieces of a powerful crystal that has fallen to earth, they set out on a quest to gather the remaining four. Talking pigs, an evil archenemy, and a cloning machine are just a few of the things encountered on the journey to collect all the pieces! Great selection for Minecraft and/or gaming lovers.

Give Please a Chance — James Patterson and Bill O’Reilly have teamed up to create this sure- to-be-loved classic reminding readers of all ages of the power of a single word. Adding a little kindness to our words can be achieved by tacking on a mere six-letter addition of please. The delightful illustrations in this picture book were created by seventeen different illustrators, but the message of each illustration is the same. By adding some politeness to our queries, we invoke the power of please, which can be the ultimate game-changing card. A wonderful message and a reminder of how positivity can make all the difference.

Heartless — This prequel to Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is a must read for all lovers of the fractured fairy tale. Marissa Meyer presents an intricate tale perfectly in keeping with Carroll’s classic fantasy. An exciting glimpse into the backstory of the Queen of Hearts is shared in this engaging novel for middle and high schoolers. Before becoming the mad queen readers meet in Alice’s time, Catherine dreamed of opening her own bakery and following her own heart. Her non-traditional plans and a secret courtship are just a few of the unexpected surprises hiding in Cath’s past. A prequel in its finest form, readers will delight in the adventures of Catherine and a host of other favorite characters from Wonderland.

Middle School: Dog’s Best FriendBook 8 in James Patterson’s bestselling Middle School series will not disappoint. This comedic look at life in middle school offers up as much entertainment and laughs as its seven predecessors. Rafe, the beloved main character, notices his grandma is experiencing some financial issues and decides to start a neighborhood dog walking business to help her get back on her feet. The business ends up becoming a booming success, and all is good until the evil twins start to steal his customers and his brainy sister infiltrates all his classes after skipping a grade. The drama and the laughs are certainly not in short supply in another Patterson favorite co-authored by Chris Tebbetts and illustrated by Jomike Tejido.

The Polar Bear — This second Enchanted Lion publication by author/illustrator Jenni Desmond is an excellent nonfiction selection to add to your list. A factual portrait of the polar bear is beautifully illustrated. Readers learn about the polar bear’s body, habits, and habitat as they dive into this visually engaging picture book. The simple text is a perfect way to embrace nonfiction at an early level. Following the release of The Blue Whale and preceding next year’s release of an installment about elephants, this is a series and award-winning illustrator to keep on the radar.

Whether a picture book, graphic novel, or fractured fairy tale is on the list, a variety of readers are covered with these new selections. Sometimes a few new titles are all it takes to spark a reluctant reader or satiate an avid one. Let these five soon-to-be favorites get kids excited about picking up a book!

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