Essential Topics

Core concepts and best practices in education.

We Believe

Achieving academic growth for all students.

We believe that when learning expectations are clear, assessment is purposeful and feedback is  effective, achieving academic growth for all students is possible.

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Formative Assessment

An ever-evolving process that provides students with feedback during the course of instruction.

Formative assessment is finding out, during the learning process, where a student is on their journey toward mastery.

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Assessment Design

Planning and implementing valid and reliable assessments.

Research indicates that teachers tend to use tests they have prepared themselves more than any other type of test.

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Sound Grading Practices

Accurately communicating student achievement.

Sound Grading Practices, sometimes called Standards-Based Grading, are the most concrete examples of a district’s educational philosophy. 

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Early Learning

Fostering kindergarten readiness through clear expectations.

Starting kindergarten ready to learn is vitally important to every child’s academic success.

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Common Core

A shared set of learning expectations.

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are a set of shared goals and expectations of knowledge and skills that students will need to be successful in a global environment

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