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We Believe

Achieving academic growth for all students.

We believe that when learning expectations are clear, assessment is purposeful and feedback is  effective, achieving academic growth for all students is possible.

Student success is our passion!

Since 2006, we have delivered high quality professional development and educational resources to thousands of educators, working with over a thousand educators per week. The core of our educational philosophy lies in our 3 Keys to High Quality Instruction:


Develop clear expectations

Clear learning expectations serve as the stepping stones for student success. Students and teachers alike benefit from knowing the ultimate learning destination as well as the smaller steps to take along the way. Intentional guideposts provide a focus for instruction as well as a tool for student engagement.


Measure progress to guide instruction

Assessment is the measuring stick by which we both gauge and guide student progress. Purposefully designed formative and summative assessments provide educators with the valid and reliable data they need to make impactful instructional decisions. Assessment is at its best when it is varied in form, strategic in use, and informs teachers and students of strengths and opportunities for improvement.


Maximize growth for every learner

After planning the learning destination through alignment, then gauging student progress with assessment, educators use information to guide instructional decisions and provide descriptive feedback to students. Effective instructional feedback and differentiated learning opportunities which meet learners at all levels are the catalysts for student progress and individual achievement.

We look forward to contributing to the success that you and your students deserve.

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