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Katy Bainbridge

Keynote Speaker; Co-Founder

Katy Bainbridge has an extensive background in education, having been in the field for the last twenty-one years. Katy has worked as a special education teacher, regular education teacher, principal, curriculum director, and instructional coach in the State of Ohio. She has traveled the nation working with school districts to align curriculum, develop high quality formative and summative assessments, and differentiate instruction.

Katy has presented at numerous national and regional conferences, including The National Middle School Association; Battelle for Kids, National Value Added Conference; The Ohio School Boards Association; Ohio Gifted and Talented Conference; The Ohio Association of Secondary School Administrators; South Carolina Formative Assessment Conference.

Katy is often complimented on her ability to demonstrate practical classroom applications of formative assessment. Her passionate and humorous approach to professional development leaves audiences excited about implementing formative assessment strategies. 

Katy loves running, kayaking and spending time outdoors. However, her first passion is spending time with her husband, Andrew and their three children.

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