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Jennifer Decker-Lawson

Student Growth Measures & Assessment Specialist

Jennifer's passion to improve student learning has long pulled her in two directions – to the classroom and building for direct interaction on one hand, and toward district and state level for big-picture improvements on the other hand.

Along the continuum, Jennifer has served as a special education teacher, regular classroom teacher, and assistant principal at the school level. At the district level she has been a curriculum supervisor, and at the Ohio Department of Education, she was a consultant for the office of Educator Effectiveness, assisting in the implementation of Ohio's Common Core adoption process, Resident Educator program, and design of the Ohio Educator Evaluation System for teachers and principals.

Jennifer has been trained by a number of leaders in educational best practices, including as Rick Stiggins (formative assessment; Assessment Training Institute) and Grant Wiggins (Understanding by Design; Authentic Education).

She lives with her husband, some excellent dogs, and a new kiddo – all of whom help with her favorite new hobby of becoming an awesome mom.

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