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Mindy Holmes

Formative Assessment Specialist

Mindy Holmes is currently an English/Language Arts teacher and Instructional Coach to the four middle schools in Westerville City School District, Westerville, Ohio. 

She is an ELA department facilitator and works with staff to build formative and summative assessments in language arts for teachers to effectively meet the institutional needs of each student. Mindy has been working to create sound learning targets, develop accurate formative and summative assessment, differentiate instruction, and implement sound grading practices within her classroom. 

She has worked to create the Literary Framework to align her district's language arts curriculum to the Ohio academic standards. Mindy has been trained by the Assessment Training Institute/Leading Professional Development. 

Mindy holds a M.A. in Teaching and Learning from NOVA Southeastern University and received her B.S. in Education from Otterbein College. She is certified in elementary education to teach grades 1-8. 

Mindy is an avid reader and enjoys antiquing with her husband, Lance. Together they enjoy spending time with their two daughters.

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