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Kristi Thompson

Educational Leadership and School Improvement Specialist

Kristi Thompson has a strong background in education, specializing in educational leadership and school improvement. She served as Superintendent and over her career has worked to collaboratively establish the district vision, facilitated continuous improvement and focus of district work, developed governance policies and procedures that maximize the success of all students, created instructional systems designed for high student achievement, managed and organized the district’s resources (human, fiscal, operational and material) to accomplish district goals, and successfully helped to pass a bond issue for a new K-12 facility.

Consistently throughout Kristi’s career in education her focus has been on continuous academic improvement in curriculum and instruction, assessment, technology, and professional development. She believes today’s children must deal with extraordinarily complex issues and problems. Our job as educators is to make sure that the future of our country is safe, well-nurtured, and inspired to learn.

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