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Assessment Design Training

Planning, development, & analysis

This 2 day training, developed by nationally recognized experts in psychometrics, assessment development/design, state policies, and rubric design, will equip attendees to implement high quality assessment strategies at the classroom, building, and district levels.

Overarching question:How do you recognize a quality assessment?

We will cover the 3 major phases of assessment: planning, development, and auditing/analysis.

After attending this training, attendees will be able to

  • Develop a test blueprint to ensure that an assessment is aligned to the selected standards.
  • Determine if an assessment mirrors the focus of instruction as well as the full range of cognitive levels expected.
  • Describe methods that allow an assessment to measure both low and high achieving students.
  • Explain techniques to ensure that an assessment measures the intended learning (validity) and produces consistent results (reliability).
  • Evaluate, create, and analyze assessments to ensure that they meet standards of quality.


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