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Instructional Design and Strategies

Classroom strategies for conceptual understanding

In response to ever-changing assessment mandates, our team has developed a new training that covers how to implement effective teacher based teams, using student data to help drive instruction.

Instructional Design and Strategies

In order to improve classroom instruction and TBT conversations, participants will be introduced to new strategies and approaches to instructional design.

Our instructional design workshop focuses on two critical areas for educators: First, the workshop will empower participants by providing them the opportunity to examine and develop strategies, structures, and activities to maximize student growth and achievement. Second, participants will learn how to hold productive discussions and planning sessions using their TBT time. Teachers and administrators will learn ways to prioritize critical areas for growth and plan the strategies and structures to be used during instructional time.

Essential Question

In what ways do you determine the instructional strategy that is the BEST fit for your students?

Learning Targets

I can…

  • Explain the difference between an instructional strategy, an organizational structure and an activity
  • Describe and implement a variety of instructional strategies and structures to support student growth
  • Engage in meaningful team discussions to examine data, prioritize areas for growth, and plan strategies and structure to support student achievement

I have participated in professional development from Align Assess Achieve as a principal, superintendent, and, most recently, director of teaching and learning. Every training is customized to the district's needs and is always very well received by teachers. The trainers are very relatable and feedback is always extremely positive. After our last training on instructional strategies, teachers were using their new skills the next day. Align Assess Achieve is my "go to" for quality professional development. - Nicki Jiran

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