"It's so helpful to know what skills she needs to master
for kindergarten — and how she is progressing!" - Erin S., Educator and Pre-K Parent

Discover Achievement Rings

Fun, effective Pre-k learning.

Chances are, you're more nervous about kindergarten than your kids are. To them, they finally get to go to school! For you, it's a big unknown. Achievement Rings are an easy way to prepare you and your child for kindergarten, side by side.

It's a simple, effective system for learning essential school concepts, so when the big day comes, they're ready. This isn't an app or website. And it's more than just shapes and numbers and letters. We prepare your child for use of imagination. Motor skills. Communication. And much, much more.

And did we mention they're fun?

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"I want to learn all of these things!"— Claire S., Age 4

Achievement Rings encourage the three keys we believe are most important in early childhood education.

They're in the very name of our company.

  1. Align

    Understand what your child should know.

    Knowing what educators expect allows you to focus your child's home learning goals around classroom success.

  2. Assess

    Encourage progress as a family.

    Tracking learning progress together gives your child the confidence to know you'll be there to guide them through achievements and challenges.

  3. Achieve

    Inspire future success!

    You are your child's first teacher. Understanding how your child learns will encourage a love of learning that carries into the classroom and beyond.

“My son and I love our learning time together! I used to struggle
with how to prepare him for school, but now I know exactly what he needs to know.” -Ted B., Pre-K Parent