“Achievement Rings are great - my daughter and I love our 'learning practice' time together.”- Jason P.,  Pre-K Parent

What's included

Everything you need for fun, interactive learning at home.

  1. Achievement Cards

    Based on nationally recognized standards, each card highlights a key skill to master before entering kindergarten. Bold, engaging images and kid-friendly learning goals bring them to life.

  2. Parent Guide

    Help for every step of the way. Filled with tips and activities for each learning goal that help you make most of your time with your child.

  3. Progress Poster & "I can" Stickers

    Andy is our Achievement Rings’ ambassador and he helps visualize learning goals. Your child will love celebrating each learning success on this colorful 25”x26” poster.

“I'm very proud of how my daughter has embraced her achievements.
The Achievement Rings are a sort of trophy she carries with her.”Jessica A., Pre-K Parent

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Available in two standards-based learning options. Choose the one that’s best for you.

Literacy & Math
36 Achievement Cards
(Derived from Kindergarten Common Core State Standards)
37 Achievement Cards
(Based on Early Learning Development Standards)
Created by early learning experts in content, curriculum, and pedagogy.    
Learning Goals
Speaking & Listening    
Social/Emotional Development  
Physical Well-Being and Motor Development  
Approach Toward Learning  
Prepares children for success in kindergarten    

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